Saturday, 19 October 2013

Days 47-48: Weather delay, 42nd Traverse

Day 47. Due to heavy rain the streams are up and the Whanganui river burst its banks and flooded houses downstream. We decided to delay as there are a number of streams to cross on the 42nd Traverse. Dad has been a very gracious host, and we have enjoyed his hospitality immensely, but nevertheless we are keen to get going when we can (I did enjoy relaxing a bit for an extra day!).
My cousin Alison texted in the evening to say she thought the streams were down enough to cross safely, so we planned a drop off by Dad for the next day. A hearty meal cooked by Dad, wine, whiskey and Pulp Fiction rounded off the night nicely!

Day 48. We started the 42nd Traverse around 9am after farewells.
And off we went! I was feeling a little tired after a few drinks the night before (I'm a slow learner!), but the walking was pretty easy.
The forest was nice, and it was a good feeling to be walking again despite my aching head.
A couple of brief encounters with a quad safari group and some outdoor pursuit students, otherwise a quiet day... The last stream crossing was a bit more challenging than any others thus far, so we practiced our group river crossing technique in prep for the South Island. 
Chris outfitted himself with a new pack in Palmeraton North to replace his damaged one, and he had even been turned to the dark side and bought a hammock to try out! So when we stopped for the night it was a bit easier to select a camping site... And it was a beautiful thing to see three hammocks up!
In no time I was out of my wet clothes and enjoying a hot meal from the comfort of my bed.
On that note, it's time for some shut eye... G'night!

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