Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Days 65-67: Waiopehu to Otaki Forks

Day 65. Sunday following my brother's 40th. Oddly enough, I felt pretty good in the morning, and Chris and I sat on the beach before having brunch before restarting our walk.
What a great day Wellington put on for us!
Dad picked us up and after a meal we were back at Poad's road looking at an afternoon of hill walking. Best thing for a hang over, I reckon.
Funnily enough it was an easy climb up to Waiopehu hut...
...and in short order we had made dinner and had packed it in for an early night.
Great view, eh. G'night!

Day 66. The plan was for us to walk through to Waitewaewae hut, about 25kms... We had a good start, but the amazing views, gnarly terrain had it in for us and we only got as far as Nichols hut before I suggested a night tramp by head torch down the very steep terrain would not be a good idea (It was my original plan, though!).
The Tararuas were stunning and I loved every moment today. Chris less so, but he suffers from vertigo.
Matawhai hut was interesting, showcasing Kiwi humour..
.. And we met 'crazy Pete' here. I found him bundled up near the fireplace, looking very much like a homeless person. Pete has had a hard life, been 2 weeks out in the bush eating only 'bush tucker', which for him meant roots, berries, ferns etc because he had had no luck with deer or eels. I gave him all the food I could spare, as did Chris, and suggested he head out soon to a town to resupply. Hope he's ok. He had that glint in his eye that people get sometimes when they go a bit feral. Anyway, on we went- we had mountains to climb!
Love the safety orange colour of this hut!
Late in the day, after some hard scrambling and occasional scary moments, we made it to Nichol's hut. 
From the hut book it was clear that if the weather is bad, you are in trouble! More than one TA hiker has been trapped here waiting out a storm.

Day 67. The day started with a walk up Mt Crawford- amazing! Cloud tramping was good fun.

And then down a massively steep and tree-strewn path to Waitewaewae hut. After lunch it was a walk down a stream bed that was amusing at first and then got a bit werrisome! Anyway, there was some cool stuff on the way, including the remains of a bush railway.
We crossed a couple of slips that were a bit dodgy, but still passable by using tree roots to climb.
We made it down to Parawai lodge at Otaki Forks to light a fire and drink the last of my port.. As I had given my last dinner away to Crazy Pete I had to beg a meal from Chris. An early night, although a rat tried to keep me up! So we are safely through the Tararuas and now face a long road walk to my friend Caroline's place in Paekakariki....the Tararuas have been a highlight thus far, although it has also served notice to Chris about the South Island. A good thing? 

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  1. What a beautiful leg, dont you wish there was more Tararuas on TA? ;)