Saturday, 14 December 2013

Days 94-98: Lake Ohau- Lake Tekapo

Day 94. Today was a hungover perambulation from Lake Ohau to Twizel... Big night last night with the 2 Nathans, Steve, etc who basically sell bull semen. Yep. Had a hard time keeping a straight face all night! We had a brilliant (but slightly dangerous) game of long range darts, and before I knew it I was hitting my bunk around 1.30 am. Seriously, I have to stop doing this. Jock who was running things really helped out, both with my bill and dropping me back into 'downtown Ohau'. Cheers mate, and bloody impressive beard, too. I'm really keen to come back here during ski season!

Here I am having a wee 'rest' along the way.

This long drop was rated a 9/10- beautifully presented with great feng shui. 

Really, the only thing letting it down was the lack of toilet paper (or socially acceptable alternative).

The spillway at Lake Ruataniwha:

Where Bad Santas go in Summer:

I had to laugh at the cheek of this guy- using the local council sprinklers to get a free car wash.

A great monument to what makes Twizel tick...

At the local campground I had a good night chatting with Kyle and Carly, a young Dunedin couple, a couple from Milan, and a Dutch pair...

Day 95. Another hot day, and my heart really isn't in it today. Struggle to walk , 70 kms to Tekapo and don't know where I will camp tonight... First, prairie land.
 Then a metal road walk alongside Lake Pukaki. Stunning, but bloody hot.

I wanted to get a few kms done today to make tomorrow easier. Eventually around the 45 km mark I found a shelter belt to stealth camp in, and to watch the sun set.

Day 96. After breaking down my wee stealth camp, I got cracking at 7 am to push through to Tekapo. I busted out the iPhone music today and this helped me to FLY! 

Beware, miniature lions!

I spotted the Old Man Range and knew I was close... And by lunchtime I was gazing at the beautiful Lake Tekapo!

Day 97. So, the problem with pushing it is blisters and muscle strains. Who knew? I've decided I need another day out to rest. Hm. The good news? Seeing awesome stuff in Tekapo, meeting up with new friends, and realising I've passed the halfway point walking the South Island!

Dinner at the local Thai restaurant provided some tasty treats as well as light relief- anyone for wanton dumplings? :-)

Day 98. My second day in Tekapo and I have been busy organising my food drops and resupply for the next three weeks...
Turns out resupply is fairly limited until about Motueka! So a few parcels sent out today via NZ Post, and phone calls to secure lodgings and warn of food parcels  during the busy Christmas period. Looks like I will be in Arthur's Pass for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I fought the urge to buy and hike in a Santa suit. It's been another hot day...I'm hoping for some cooler weather tomorrow- 7 days til I hit Lake Coleridge and my resupply parcel (I hope). Here's hoping my muscle strains have settled down...

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