Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 12: Paihia

Funny old day! Got to the post office in Kerikeri and posted my 'bounce box' to Whangarei, and redirected other mail... I then headed out of town..
It was a fairly short walk to Waitangi Forest but I was absolutely loving my shoes!
So with my Happy Shoes and magic sticks, I headed towards Paihia.
And saw some pretty cool stuff along the way.
You know, when I saw this wetland, I thought the same thing! Crazy.
Some kinda boring pine forest, then...
Getting into Paihia, a couple of touristy things, 

then I found a bar going out of business. Which meant cheap beer! Woohoo!
Eventually after some interesting discussions with locals I found a backpackers and got to know the local Germans, French, Canadians and occasional Kiwi.
And that, dear friends, will be my night. Tomorrow, meeting a water taxi at Opua and I continue South! 

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  1. Love that you had such a fantastic day! Really enjoying the pictures and all the different expressions you have! Paihia-- very fond memories of that place! And staying at theMousetrap... I especially love the picture of you practically flying on your sticks! Stay safe!