Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 14: Oakura and Whananaki

A nice and early start had me on the road and enjoying a wonderfully sunny day
Despite the road verge walking (not my favorite), I made good time as the scenery changed from mangrove to established farmland to seaside village
I stopped in at Teal Bay for lunch....
Which you can see is a mighty fine meal selection!
I got overtaken twice by a bright orange (I think of it as happy orange) VW combivan, with the same happy, waving driver at the helm. Not sure how that happened, I didn't think I was walking quite that fast!? 
And then it was a hard slog along the Morepork and a private track. It started nicely enough, if a bit slick and muddy underfoot from the recent rain.
The track notes indicated that navigation might be tricky, with very few orange blazes to show the way....
The pic above shows almost EVERY tree visible has at least one blaze- I assume someone this season read the notes and decided to go to town with orange triangles. Maybe there was a sale?
And soon enough I found myself at the milestone 300km on my map! Nothing special indicates this on the trail, so I modified a blaze, and had a wee celebratory tipple of bourbon. That's 10% of the trail done, only 2,700 (and change) kilometers to go!
I didn't manage to walk off this hill to Whananaki as I was hoping to do (fish and chip Friday!), so I am camping in a pine forest overlooking the coastline. Tomorrow, if it works out, I'm hoping to find a camp spot near Nungaru and then to find a pub that is screening the rugby. Go the All Blacks!
I picked up on an article written by the NZDF  Comms Group on this charity walk- Maryanne writes well I reckon, so have a looksee here:
Night folks!

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  1. I thought you might have been Army! Watching your adventure with interest! Ill be following in your footsteps soon.