Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 29: South Auckland

After a hearty breakfast at the backpackers, I returned to where I had left the trail yesterday. Although waterlogged, the coastal walk was beautiful!
I was soon at the stone fields and dry stone walled old-school farming area. It added a magical quality to the place.
I ran into Dee and her parter, and their terriers, and had a good ol' chat about Shine, animal cruelty, the local area... It was a pleasure to meet them!
On the way out I ran into another family who showed me an avocado orchard, but I was fully stocked with food so didn't take any. And as usual, random bits of clothing were found.
After that nice diversion, it was a bit of a slog across South Auckland, but an interesting window into life there.
As well as this tire farmer (he's doing it wrong), I think I found the Short Pathway, although it too is not without its hazards and I'm sure a trail note could be whipped up for this one? 
I made sure I completed this 4 m urban scramble as a side trip to add to my accomplishments.
My plan was to reach Clevedon by nightfall but a shopping side trip at the airport complex had me shuffling into the reserve overlooking town in the dark. I think I made a local farmer uneasy, as he drove up a farm access road after dark and we played spotlight for a while. I won, although I had to go fully into stealth mode! It certainly tested my ability to hang my hammock etc without white light, in an awkwardly steep campsite.
It was late and I didn't want my cellphone's screen light to give me away, so I left blogging 'til the next day.

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