Monday, 2 September 2013

Days 1 - 3: Beginnings

What a way to start! My dad drove me North to Cape Reinga, stopping to visit my sister, brother in law and nephew in Auckland, my grandma in Kamo and aunt in Whangarei. My grandma gave me some of her food supplements from the rest home and a money donation to my charity, Shine. Amazing spirit and generosity! An early start to reach the cape, dropping by the Bus Stop Cafe for breakfast. Even though they are closed on Saturday, Reuben and his wife Beulla made us welcome and made the biggest and tastiest breakfast you could hope for!  Arohanui you two, you are beautiful people. 
Obligatory pics done at the lighthouse, I said farewell to dad and got walking.
Not long in I came across my first mystery- footprints! Another TA hiker, Christophe maybe?
My pace increased. Reaching Te Paki stream to camp, my mystery was solved and it was sadly an anti-climax. A fellow Kiwi, just doing a weekend walk. Not being the chatty type,  he stuck to his side of the camp and I rigged my tarp and fell asleep looking at the beautiful stars.
Day Two and I am already talking to myself. Seemingly endless beach, sand everywhere and the ceaseless roar of the waves. It feels like a halfway world somehow. 
To break the monotony of walking towards the horizon, I count gulls, terns, oystercatchers, falcons, wild horses, crazy tourist bus drivers, and dying fur seals. Colorful molluscs. Blisters. Animal footprints. I come up with a plan to catch wild dogs by planting a big stick in the middle of the beach. Sure enough, the next day one has pissed on it. Forgot the snare :)

Finally found a good spot to camp, rigged my hammock and slept soundly.
And so, Day three. 101 kms to finish the beach leg. Learning to slow down and nurse some old niggles. Ahipara perhaps end of today or early tomorrow... Who knows what the day will bring? 
I've found cellphone coverage again, only 1 bar but should be enough to get this to you. Switching my phone off again to conserve batteries, then a brisk walk to warm up! Take care, Kiwiscout


  1. Keep the pictures coming! They are fantastic! And it's wonderful to find out how you're going along. Take care of your feet. Those are the most important Pieces of equipment! But I'm sure you know that already, Ha ha ha! Don't forget to smell the roses, enjoy the scenery, like you did on the Camino! :-)

  2. What a way to gop after all the prep and talk earlier this year - keep safe - enjoying the photos and your experience

  3. kia kaha Pat, kia pai tou haerenga! i look forward to your comments and photos
    Bill TS

  4. Hey Patrick, I work at Shine and I am amazed at what you are doing! And a bit jealous I must admit. Stunning photos. I look forward to reading more about your journey. Thank you so much for raising money to help us do what we do - it means a lot! Hope we get to meet you when you come through Auckland!!??
    - Holly